Sarah Dillard-Lubin Got More Attention Than She Was Looking For


25-year-old Sarah Rose Dillard-Lubin (Lubin was her ex-husband’s last name) took her daughter to the emergency room at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Portland back in June claiming that her daughter had a high fever. That’s what you do, right? At least if it’s an extended fever that you can’t treat at home. My youngest daughter tends to run very high fevers when she is sick so we always try to treat it here first, taking in accordance any other symptoms, and then we call NurseCall before we go.

The fever magically disappeared by the time physicians looked at the baby and not being able to find any symptoms or signs of sickness they went ahead and admitted the little girl overnight for observation. Better safe than sorry and as it turns it may be what saved the infant’s life.

Early in the morning one of the nurses on her rounds noticed when taking the baby’s vital signs that she was barely breathing and had a very low heart rate. She called for assistance and the baby was transferred to Doernbecher’s Children’s Hospital in the CCU. Once they had gotten the girl stabilized doctors were at a loss to explain why she had suddenly started having problems, that is until the toxicology reports came back four days later testing positive for opiates.

When doctors questioned Dillard-Lubin (MySpace 1 and MySpace 2) about it she claimed to be on pain killers for a medical condition and that they must have come through her breast milk. The sample she brought in for them to test high an extremely high amount of morphine in it, which meant that she had added it in after extraction.


Doctors from Doernbecher called the Oregon Department of Human Services and CPS to report what had happened. DHS took custody of the child for her safety and then started an investigation. Washington County Detectives were also called but since the girl was in protective custody they decided to let DHS finish their investigation prior to getting involved. When they did get involved they learned that this wasn’t the first instance that Sarah had of doping up one of her kids for attention.

One theory that detectives have put forth (and sounds pretty likely to me) is that Dillard-Lubin was upset because her baby-daddy didn’t come to the hospital with her so she cut off her nose to spite her face. In other words she figured she could get back at the father who wasn’t paying attention by giving him a reason to pay attention. Sounds to me like he needs to get the little girl and run as fast and far away as he can from Dillard-Lubin who evidently has more than her fair share of snakes in her head.

At some point in time (which I don’t know yet since my Internet connection has been down most of the evening, possibly back in 2005) when she was married and living in California she had poisoned her older child with morphine when he was ten months old. He had been flown to UCLA medical center and ended up surviving. She pleaded No Contest to a charge of Child Abuse in 2006 and is still on probation. The father (not the same father as her second child) gained custody of the boy and they are living in California. When she was released from jail she had her probation transferred to Oregon where she has been living and working as a medical assistant for Oregon Pediatrics.

Right now Dillard-Lubin is sitting in the Washington County Jail on charges of Assault in the 1st Degree, Assault in the 2nd Degree, 2 charges of Assault in the 3rd Degree, Felony Applying a Controlled Substance to a Child, Criminal Mistreatment and a probation hold for her previous Child Neglect.

Dillard-Lubin was arraigned last week and pleaded not guilty to poisoning her daughter.

I am still debating contacting her ex-husband to ask him a few questions but he may not even want to open up those old wounds. He did answer a few questions from SFGate on their story which you can see at the link.

Washington County Inmate List.

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