Seven People Dead in Coastal Georgia Mobile Home


Update 2 – This is most assuredly unconfirmed but I’ve been hearing rumors that they have a female that goes by the name of Chrissy in custody related to the murders. There is also another going around that this is a murder/suicide. I will be posting any more updates at the bottom.

Update 1 – Police are now confirming that the victims were shot. More as I get it.

Original Post – Seven people in a Brunswick (Glynn County) mobile home have been killed and two others airlifted to a Savannah hospital in critical condition. A spokesperson for Glynn County does confirm the seven deaths but they aren’t releasing how the people died.

Glynn County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a 911 call at the New Hope Plantation Mobile Home Park after 8 this morning and found the people dead. According to the news report over at WSB the county coroner said there were signs of violence in the trailer.

There are rumors floating around the net that it was a mass shooting and that the two people flown to the hospital were both children. An article at Huliq is also claiming that they were kids. They are also saying that some of the local Brunswick news state that there was a “dispute” at the root of the mass killing. From what I’ve read at First Coast News (a local site) police are not looking for a suspect right now.

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