Steven Bronson Loves Him Some Feet


Updated: Mr McCreepy Steven Bronson pictured above gave a jailhouse interview to KATU in Portland (story is linked) and probably shouldn’t have. He told KATU that what he did was illegal and that he never licked a woman’s leg, claiming that it was hot out and his sweaty head accidently touched her leg as he was helping her try on shows. hehehe.

Original Post:Sometimes you just have to say “damn” and thank the stars that the creepy looking dude above didn’t have perversions worse than what he has already exhibited.

A couple of weeks ago deputies in Clackamas County Oregon started getting reports of a dude going up to women in different retail stores and asking them to put on a shoe from the store display for a personal opinion. Nothing wrong with looking at an attractive pair of legs and the attached feet but somehow I think that 46-year-old Steven George Bronson may have gone just a bit too far.

When Bronson would place the shoe on his victim’s foot he would start to moan and rub their feet and legs. One of his victims even got the special treatment. Bronson got so excited he licked the woman’s upper thigh. Her response to to get very loud and let everyone know what was going on, at which point Bronson fled the scene.

Last week the Medford Police contacted Clackamas County Sheriff’s Department to let them know they were seeing the same type of complaint in the area with at least four female victims, one only 15-years-old.

Last weekend an alert lady recognized Bronson from newscasts showing security footage of one of the incidents at the Falls Urgent Care Center and called the law. Deputies surrounded the building and the Shoe Fetish Man was taken into custody with no incident and charged with two counts of Sexual Abuse in the Third Degree. Bronson already has a record in California, Nevada and Washington so this guy gets around a bit.

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