Terry Gibbs Gets His Ass Kicked


This past Sunday evening police in Newberry County, SC were in the parking lot of the Newberry County Detention Center getting ready to take a prisoner into the county jail when a car pulled up and let a man out who had been severely beaten. 54-year-old Terry Hugh Gibbs told them that he had been beaten by several people because he had molested their children.

Apparently one of the four children under ten that he had sexually molested had reported it to her aunt and from there it built to a confrontation with the parents of each of the children. Gibbs is related to all four kids and would babysit for the parents, which is what gave him access to them in the first place.

After Gibbs was found by police he went into cardiac arrest and had to be transported to the hospital where he still was a couple of nights ago.

No charges have been filed yet, against Gibbs or the parents, but the county solicitor’s (basically the same thing as a DA) office is looking into it and most likely charges will be filed. The Newberry County Sheriff’s Office has already stated that it will becharging Gibbs with at least four counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor and Lewd Act on a Child once he is released from the hospital.

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