Trial for David Christian Set For September


Back in October of last year I wrote a brief article about David E. Christian and the murder of his chess opponent and friend Michael Alan Steward. The two of them had been drinking hard and after Steward slapped him Christian killed the man. He’s been sitting in jail for the last 10 months as far as I have been able to ascertain and earlier in the summer his July trial date was pushed back to September 14th with the last pre-trial conference to be held on September 3rd. Christian is accused of 2nd degree murder which is punishable by up to 50 years in prison.

I found the video below over at Youtube. It’s been put up since I first posted about David but gives a pretty good explanation as to what happened.


Christian also had an online presence as well. Over at he went by the handle Gnubobo but one thing that really struck me was his Friendster profile under affiliations he has NAMBLA listed. You know, the North American Man Boy Love Association, where all the good pedophiles hang out. So Christian was either a pedophile or wannabe. I wonder if the folks over at Friendster even bother to do any kind of keyword searches of their profiles. Apparently not.


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