kristicornwell.jpgUpdate 2 8/15/09: About three and a half miles from where law enforcement have been concentrating their search efforts a man cutting his lawn found a cell phone yesterday. The Union County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that it is the cell phone belonging to Kristi Cornwell. Hopefully they can get more information from the cell phone. The only other leads they have right now are two cars that witnesses say were driving slowly through the area of Jones Creek road.

Updated 8/13/09: I’ve found a picture of Kristi Cornwell and have added it to the post. When I get a better one I will add it as well.

According to the GBI they have found some of her belongings in the area where she was last seen walking but they won’t release any information that is possible evidence. They are also looking to question several persons of interest, criminals with lengthy legal backgrounds that live in the four counties around that area. I will update the story as needed.

A lot of people have posted comments on her Facebook page, waiting for her to be found. Having been a couple of days now those hopes are fading and I am afraid that something bad has happened to Kristi.

Original Post: According to local papers and newscasts 38-year-old Kristi Cornwell was last seen walking along Jones Creek Road in Blairsville and hasn’t been seen or heard from since then. The GBI and Union County Sheriff’s Department are working together and have very little to go on right now.

Cornwell is a white female with dark hair, five feet five inches tall and weighs in at about 150lbs. The area she was walking in is a rural area close to her house in Blairsville.

According to an emailed report from the Cobb County church that Cornwell’s boyfriend Douglas Davis attends, he was speaking with her on the phone as she walked. She allegedly told him a car was stopping near her and then started screaming “Don’t take me”. Kristi Cornwell’s family and Davis have all declined to comment so far.


Anybody that has information that might be relevant to the case has been asked to contact the Union County Sheriff’s Department at 706-439-6066. Just as soon as I get a picture of Kristi Cornwell I will update the post with it.

I’m not sure exactly what it is but something about this strikes me as odd, aside from the fact that she is missing of course.

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