What Happened to Robert Manwill?


8-year-old Robert Manwill was reported missing by his mother Melissa Jenkins back on July 24th after 9:30PM. The Boise Police and FBI have been performing an exhausting search along with hundreds of caring volunteers, all except for her mother, but we’ll get to that a bit later.

According to Blink on Crime (and he’s usually right on the money) anonymous sources in the search are saying that the body of the male child found in the New York Canal yesterday in Boise has been positively identified as Robert Manwill.

Police have not released a cause of death yet but last week they did announce that they had evidence that indicated Robert was either injured or the victim of a tragic event. They aren’t identifying any suspects as of yet but there are several to choose from among the people closest to Robert.


Robert’s step-mother Silke Fatma Manwill served nine years for stabbing her child death. Daniel Ehrlick, Melissa Jenkins’ boyfriend has a record and is prohibited from being around his step-daughter alone. Then we get to Melissa Jenkins. Melissa pleaded Guilty back at the end of March to Misdemeanor Injury to a Child after she fractured the skull of her infant. She claims that she was burping her son and accidently hit his head on a table but according to doctors the baby had swelling to the side of his head and the sides of the head felt mushy and swollen. The X-ray revealed that the kid had a 3-4 centimeter horizontal fracture to the side of his head consistent with hitting his head with a great deal of force.

Judge Kathleen MacGregor Irby felt that the thing to do in this instance was to sentence Melissa Jenkins to two years of probation and send her back out to hang out with her criminal buddies and do more good deeds.

Melissa was the last person that we know of to see Robert Manwill alive. It certainly doesn’t make her guilty but the fact that she has hidden out at home while the search for Robert was going on raises several questions. Hmmm. Casey Anthony did the same thing while hundreds of people were searching for her daughter as well, but then again Casey Anthony most likely knew where her child was.

One thing I found interesting at Melissa Jenkins’ MySpace isn’t the fact that she hasn’t logged in since January but the fact that there is nothing there about Lissa’s children. No pictures, no notes, no sappy “I love my children” graphics.

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