Updated – Who Killed Carol Daniels?


Updated 9/3/09CNN is reporting that Pastor Daniels was found lying nude behind the altar of her church with her arms outstretched. Her clothes were missing and some type of dissolving agent had been sprayed around her body. According to the autopsy Daniels was stabbed in the side and back of her neck, back and her left breast as well as her hands, which was most likely a defensive injury. They also say that part of her hair appeared burned or singed.

Original Post – 61-year-old Carol F. Daniels was the Pentecostal pastor of The Christ Holy Sanctified Church. While she had no regular congregation in her small church she still went every Sunday on the chance that someone would come to pray. Local police found her body around noon last Sunday after a visitor stopped at the church but found the doors locked and Daniels’ car parked there.

Aside from the fact that the horrible murder happened in the first place there are even more disturbing details. The local police are being very close-mouthed in the case but one thing that has been released is that whoever murdered Carol Daniels arranged her body in an “unnatural position” after they killed her.

The cause of death has been announced as “multiple sharp force injuries”. Earlier this week the District Attorney, along with Law Enforcement met in a closed-door session with over 20 local pastors. While they were given no information about the case they were told that they needed to take precautions in their buildings.

The fact that she was stabbed multiple times sounds like someone that was pretty angry and from all of the stuff I’ve ever read about serial killers, the body being arranged means that whoever did it wants credit for the murder. Maybe they don’t want to be caught but they do want “their” murder to be recognized. Police most likely met with the pastors because they think it’s highly probable that whoever murdered Daniels may try again. After I started writing and researching this I found a couple more links (below) that pretty much say the same thing.



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