Update – Armed Stand-Off in Mableton

Update 2 – Police finally entered the house around 11 PM. It was vacant and there was no sign of the man with the gun. Police have issued a warrant for Joseph B Owen for aggravated assault. According to his father, Tony Owen, Joe got into a disagreement during a Labor Day barbecue and ran into their house to grab a toy gun and said he would kill somebody.

Update – As of a few minutes ago (9 PM) the standoff is still in place. Police haven’t been able to contact the man since he barricaded himself in the home and that was around five hours ago. They have also declined to identify the man.

Police in Cobb County are reporting that there is currently an armed stand-off in a Mableton home. A man pulled a shotgun on his neighbor around 4 P.M. in a neighborhood near Lee Rd, then went into a house where he refuses to come out.

The police spokesman said that right now it’s not clear who the house belongs to or if this is a hostage situation. I’ll try and update this later in the evening as more news comes in.

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