Updated 10/07/09 – I’ve given a lot of thought over the last few days to some updates I posted to this entry last last month and I have to say that I am ashamed for them and have removed them from the post. Most of you know I very rarely will take a post down or change them, except in the case of updating due to new facts or convictions but in this case I was in the wrong.

My opinions, some of which I have voiced in the comments, are the same but this post is about the douchebag pictured above who took a life. Regardless of what anyone else did with their lives it pales in comparison to Fraser taking the life of Collin Cross.

If I have caused any distress to Collin’s family members due to my insensitivity (which is unlikely to change) I am deeply sorry for that.

Move along now.

Original Post – Early Monday morning the ex-girlfriend of 21-year-old Bud Michael Fraser got dropped off her job at an espresso stand in Everett, Washington around 5AM by Collin Cross. Cross was dating Fraser’s ex-girlfriend, a fact that Bud apparently couldn’t stand.

Cross stopped in a parking lot nearby with his dog right after he had dropped her off at work. When she heard gunfire she called 911 and after police responded they found Collin Cross shot to death in his car.

Bud Michael Fraser allegedly drove his yellow Camaro to the McDonalds nearby, shot Collin Cross in the head with an assault rifle and then ran away on foot. He was arrested without incident at a truck stop in Ellensburg on Tuesday.

From interviews online it’s alleged that Fraser had a history of stalking Cross’ family and they were worried about what Fraser was going to do since Cross was dating his ex-girlfriend.

Fraser has been charged with 1st Degree Murder and is being held on $2 Million bond.


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