David Flores Doesn't Take Rejection Well


Here’s yet another jackass more than willing to offer up proof that you can’t “cure” sex offenders. 35-year-old David Flores from Griffith, Indiana is out on parole for a rape conviction. For a couple of weeks prior to September 10th he had been staying in Crown Point, which along with Griffith, is a suburb of Chicago, Illinois.

On September 10th Flores attended a party at the home of 28-year-old Jennifer Evans and apparently drank too much and fell asleep on the couch.

When David Flores awoke he made sexual advances on Evans’ 25-year-old sister Kristen Evans Kennedy. Kennedy turned him down and allegedly Flores didn’t take too kindly to that, raping her in the house and then stabbing her multiple times.

Jennifer Evans Kristen Kennedy

After finishing with Kennedy he found Jennifer Evans and choked her until she was unconscious, moved both bodies into the bathroom, covered them with bed sheets, stabbed them again several times to make sure they were dead, disabled the smoke detectors and set the bed sheets on fire before he took off.

Firefighters were able to put it out before the fire did any major damage to the house but not so the sisters. Both of their autopsies showed smoke in their lungs which most likely means that they were still alive and breathing when the fire was set.

After talking with other party-goers police went to the home of David Flores’ mother hoping to find him and question the man. Flores attempted to escape and police were able to apprehend the man on a stairwell.

Flores has since confessed to the crime, giving them the details as well as where he left the knives in an alley after fleeing the burning house. Flores is being held without bond in the Lake County Jail on charges of murder, murder in the perpetration of rape, murder in the perpetration of arson, rape and arson. All told he faces more than 130 years if convicted, although knowing how much more some states prefer to keep drug offenders locked up over rapists and murderers I expect him out in about 13 so he can rape and kill someone else.

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