Updated – Defense Rests in Alan Jones Trial


The defense in the trial of Alan Jones, accused of murdering 11-year-old Erin Maxwell in Oswego County, New York, called their last witness today and rested their case. Dr. William Manion, a forensic pathologist told the jury that he believed that Erin accidently hung herself from a rope attached to a screw in her bedroom. He also made the statement that whether by accident or someone stringing her up, she was definitely hung.

That is opposed to what the medical examiner for Onandaga County, now retired, said. Mary Jumbelic said that the girl was strangled, not hung.

Alan Jones is on trial for 2nd-degree murder, charged with depraved indifference for intentionally strangling her. There is also a problem with that charge because if Jones choked her with malice that means that the “depraved indifference” does not apply.

Judging from the poor case that the DA presented along with the Depraved Indifference I believe that Jones will either be found innocent or at best this will be a mistrial.

Updated – The jury has been deliberating since about lunch time. That could be a good sign or not depending on how you take it. According to the Post-Standard about an hour ago the jury requested all exhibits in evidence. Perhaps my statement about Jones being acquitted earlier  was a bit off.

Update II – The jury has stopped deliberations and will return tomorrow. Since I am working until 8 or 9 tomorrow evening the news will be out long before I return home but I will update this anyway.

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