Dennis Fike Kicked the Shit…er…um…yeah


Friday night police in Fargo responded to a call of a loud party and the violation of a protection order at the home of 64-year-old Dennis Fike. While they were there Fike told police that he needed to go to the bathroom but since there weren’t enough officers present they told him he would have to wait.

Rather than waiting, and the fact that he was partying one might assume that too much beer was consumed, he dropped trou right there in the middle of the house, took a dump and when he was finished kicked the fecal matter at the police officers who wuldn’t let him go to the restroom.

The officers restrained the old man, arrested him and took him to the Cas County jail. Monday he was charged with Preventing Arrest or Discharge of Other Duties and an attempt to commit a Class C Felony. He’s also been charged with a misdemeanor, Disobeying a Judicial Order. Bond has been set at $3,000 and his next court appearance is October 1st.

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