Douchebag Jaime Martinez Gets Sentenced to 330 Years


Over the course of several years 37-year-old Jaime Martinez from California molested four different girls ranging in age from 5 to 11, all family members of his.

Martinez would rape the girls and threatened them with violence, including showing at least one of them a gun, if they were to tell anyone about it. After four years of abuse a 9-year-old girl finally turned in this piece of shit back in 2006 after she had been molested at his hands for four years.

After an investigation showed that all four girls were sexually abused Martinez was arrested. He finally went to court recently and did the best thing that he has ever done in his miserable 37 years of existence. He pleaded guilty to 32 felony counts including rape. Martinez has been sentenced to 330 years in prison.


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