Edward Chandler Kept Himself Busy


44-year-old Edward Guy Chandler of Cave Spring, GA must have some really bad luck. Tuesday night a couple of deputies from the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office stopped in at his house to serve him with a temporary restraining order.  I don’t know yet why, since I haven’t seen the actual report, but at some point Chandler pulled a bag of marijuana out of his front pocket while they were there. That’s pretty much all the probable cause they needed to search Chandler and possibly the house, so they did.

Chandler was found with a meth pipe in his boot and at some point a bag of meth was found under his living room couch.  Officers from the Rome-Floyd Metro Drug Task Force were called in to check things out. That’s when they found the meth lab. This horrid piece of shit not only kept a meth lab but there were two children in the house at the time as well that he was placing in danger just by having it there.

Chandler is currently lodged with no bond at the Floyd County Jail  on 2 counts of Possession of Meth, 2 counts of Cruelty to Children, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Related Objects, Manufacturing Meth, Meth Trafficking and Possession of Meth With Intent to Distribute.

Allegedly in addition to Chandler and the children their mother was also in the house as well as two other unidentified males, none of whom were arrested at the time. I haven’t been able to confirm that yet.

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