Eric Reonas Has Some Anger Issues


29-year-old Eric Brandon Reonas was arrested last week in Rome, Georgia and charged with Misdemeanor Battery and Cruelty to Children after grabbing a woman by the neck and dragging her down a flight of stairs, injuring her neck and dislocating her hip. The Cruelty to Children charge is because the incident occurred in front of a child.

Obviously Reonas, who used to work at Rome Tool & Die (don’t know if he still does or not) has some type of anger and authority issues. This isn’t even close to being his first contact with law enforcement. Last fall he was arrested by the Rome, Georgia police after he refused to follow an officer’s instructions.

During an attempted traffic stop he disregarded the officer’s instructions to him (no other details yet) but he was charged with Failure to Obey and Officer and Felony Habitual Violator.


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