Erin Maxwell Trial Begins

photo by Gary Walts 9-26-08
Alan Jones, Palermo, step brother of 11 year old Erin Maxwell whose death has been labled by state police as a homicide.

The trial of accused murderer Alan Jones started yesterday with jury selection. While Salvatore Lanza, the defense attorney had said jury selection might take a couple of days I mentioned in my post Monday that I thought they would complete it the first day and they have.

An all-male jury was seated yesterday along with two alternate jurors, one male and one female. Opening statements in the trial are to begin this morning at 9am EST.

A couple of interesting things in the trial have already taken place. The DA told the judge that several items would not be mentioned, including the fact that he will not be asking witnesses about the report of sexual trauma. While the autopsy stated that Erin Maxwell died of asphyxia with sexual trauma as a significant condition the arrest warrant for Alan Jones does not mention it and Donald Dodd stated he would not be going there.

He also told the court that he did not plan on bringing up the deplorable conditions of the house either nor the fact that Erin Maxwell was allegedly starved as well. He does expect to bring up the fact that there was a padlock on her bedroom door, over the objections of Lanza.

For more information on the Erin Maxwell case you can search here for my other posts on the murder or head over to Syracuse.Com.


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