Grady Wells Brought a Knife to a Gunfight


55-year-old Grady Wells, originally from Three Rivers, MS and a retired U.S. Army Officer, was in town over the weekend to attend the funeral of a relative and found out that his father, 87-year-old Daniel Wells, had passed away as well. Apparently something in him just snapped. We may never know but thanks to the Pascagoula Police Department he didn’t manage to do any more damage than he did.

Wells allegedly sideswiped a car on the causeway in Gautier and then took off from the scene of the accident and headed to Pascagoula. When he stopped at a red light an officer recognized the description of the car. The officer pulled him over and Wells jumped out of the car wielding what is reported to have been a martial arts sword. The officer retreated to his vehicle and Wells jumped back in his car and took off.

That might have been the end of it but Wells turned around not once but twice, hitting other cars, a police motorcycle and almost a group of pedestrians as well until finally stopping when he hit a light pole.

Wells got back out of the car and advanced toward four police officers, sword in hand. When he would not stop two of the police officers shot Wells, killing him.


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