Henry Cavaliere Arrested Again for Child Porn


It seems that 45-year-old Henry Keith Cavaliere has made a career of getting arrested for child porn and molestation and he just keeps adding truth to the fact that pedophiles can’t be “cured”.

In 1995 Cavaliere was arrested for sexual assault on a child younger than 16 in Clearwater, Florida. He ended up being convicted on a lesser charge of battery and got probation. In ’97 he was accused and arrested for fondling a child in Orange County. In that case the charge was also dropped down to battery, which he was convicted on and received another year of probation.

In the ensuing time period between 1997 and 2009 he seems to have kept his nose clean or at least didn’t get arrested for anything ugly, at least until April of this year. Five months ago, after they got a tip, Clearwater police arrested the man for possessing hundreds of images of child pornography. That case is still pending but here we are in September and they have arrested Cavaliere again and charged him with 12 counts of sexual performance of a child after an examination of his computer found a child porn video and 11 pictures police say are images of girls believed to be as young as six-years-old.

Cavaliere is out on $120,000 bond. According to his attorney, Larry Sandefer, Cavaliere is maintaining his innocence in all charges. If he’s innocent perhaps Cavaliere, the president of H.K. Cavaliere Construction, can explain how child porn got on his computer.


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