Horace Dean Wanted to Screw


67-year-old Horace Lanette Dean of Vero Beach, Florida has been arrested and charged with Capital Sexual Battery for allegedly using a screwdriver to sexually assault a 4-year-old girl.

The mother of the little girl had taken her to the Indian River Medical Center to be treated for vaginal irritation which she had been experiencing for a couple of weeks. Her mother thought it might be a urinary tract infection but after the little girl told her mother about the several alleged incidents the police were called in and they opened an investigation on Dean.

The identity of the little girl has been withheld and I don’t currently know the relationship of the man to the mother or her child.

According to WPTV (linked as the source) his attorney said “He’s been here 50 years in this community and has been an outstanding citizen”. I’m not sure exactly what that has to do with him molesting a little girl but whatever. Roman Polanski is an outstanding director and he’s a child molester.


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