James Dean is a Homegrown Aryan Brotherhood Okie


…and a frigging moron to boot.

This is pretty much your normal run of the mill drug bust and if it weren’t for the mug shot of Mr Beautiful up there I most likely would have passed on this one but damn, I couldn’t resist. I particularly like the swastika on this asshole’s chin.

Thursday morning a Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy was patrolling an area north of Bartlesville, Oklahoma when he noticed a Dodge Durango swerving across the yellow line several times in a half mile. At that point the deputy made a traffic stop.

Needless to say, he found marijuana in the car along with paraphernalia and both 23-year-old James Thomas Dean (MySpace) and 19-year-old Melodi Nikole Thornbrough (MySpace) were arrested and charged but that’s not even the best part.

When the deputy asked Dean if he had any weapons on him Dean responded by saying “You know a do” as well as something to the effect of being a “homegrown Aryan Brotherhood Okie” before telling the officer he had a knife in his pocket. Damn, they sure do grow ’em thick in Bartlesville. If this is what the Aryan Brotherhood has to offer we’ve got nothing to worry about.

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