James Orr Takes the Phrase "Eat Shit" to an Entirely New Level


Ever slowed down to look at a bad car accident even though you knew you shouldn’t because it would just make you sick? That’s what this little story is like. When I first ran across it a few minutes ago over at the Weekly Vice I did a virtual double take and had to reread it again, wanting to throw up the whole time that I was perusing.

66-year-old James Orr is currently on trial in Hamilton County, Ohio for robbery and kidnapping. The old con man who has over 50 aliases and plenty of convictions in Ohio and New York tried to get money from a woman in a Silverton restaurant. When she wasn’t fooled by his ruse the man pulled a gun on her with her three children in the car. He then forced to to go to the bank and withdraw $1,000.

Here’s where it gets weird.

Orr tried, after his arrest, to convince prosecutors that he was crazy so as to avoid trial. They weren’t fooled and neither were the shrinks that talked with him. He was declared mental competent to stand trial which began last week.

This Wednesday during testimony of a witness Orr leaned over to his lawyer and asked him if he had anything to eat. His lawyer said no. A minute later he nudged his attorney again with hunger complaints and he was ignored.

Orr then takes off his colostomy bag, puts it on the table in front of him and starts to squeeze the excrement out of the bag into his mouth. His Attorney Norm Aubin said that “It appeared he was eating his own feces at the table”.


The Sheriff’s Deputy in the court shouted “what are you doing?!” and handcuffed Orr, rushing him from the courtroom. Later on he said that there was shit on Orr’s lips, beard, hands and the table where he had been sitting.

The judge ordered the courtroom closed until next week as a biohazard area until it could be cleaned.

I think I’ll go toss my cookies and take my happy ass to work now.

Have a pleasant evening!

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