Jesus Got His Ass Beat by the Men He Was Trying to Rob


24-year-old Manuel Jesus Lacott a.k.a. Jesus Manuel Lacott and another man broke into a home in Lake Worth about 2:30 yesterday morning with screwdrivers and baseball bats and starting banging and forcing their way into bedrooms, presumably in a home invasion/robbery type thing.

Unfortunately for Lacott, the SEVEN men who were sleeping there didn’t take too kindly to being awakened in the middle of the night. His buddy beat feet and took off in a gray car but the men managed to get the bat away from Manuel Lacott and beat, kicked and hit him with his own bat until Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the scene.

Lacott suffered a broken right arm and a head wound that required three staple, not to mention the embarrassment of being a fucktard who is now in the Palm Beach County Jail. He might want to reconsider his line of work considering that he’s been arrested at least seven times since 1998. FAIL.


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