John Benzing Beat His Wife to Death With a Knife and Hammer


Police in San Antonio, TX responded to an emergency call on Tuesday evening at the home of John and Leona Benzing. 79-year-old Leona had been brutally killed with what looked to be a hammer and knife in a back bedroom of the home.

When questioned, 59-year-old John Benzing initially told police that Leona’s death had been a suicide pact that the two had made. Considering that Benzing was covered with his wife’s blood they further questioned him and he admitted to just having finally snapped after being married to her for 27 years. He also said that Leona had been abusing him for years but later on said that he doesn’t remember what happened.

Law Enforcement seized his clothing at the scene and clothed him in the orange jumpsuit that he’ll be spending time in at the Bexar County Jail where he is currently lodged on murder charges. He is being held on $250,000 bond.


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