Jose Hernandez-Ruiz Foiled By Text-Messaging Girl


Considering how bad this could have gotten the girl’s quick thinking (and texting) may have saved her life.

Back on August 20th in Buford, GA 19-year-old Jose Hernandez-Ruiz jumped out of a car, grabbed a 16-year-old girl by the neck and forced her into the woods where he intended to rape her. Somehow the girl managed to send a text message to her friends letting them know that she was being assaulted near her home. When they showed up Hernandez-Ruiz took off. Police haven’t released the extent of the assault but have said that the girl was not physically hurt but that she was emotionally upset.

The girl knew Hernandez-Ruiz’s first name and police started working on the case, talking with the victim and her friend’s first. Police were finally able to piece enough information together to find Jose and on Tuesday he was arrested and charged with Kidnapping and Sexual Battery.

He’s currently lodged in the Gwinnet County Jail. There will be no bond because he also has an immigration hold since he’s not a United States Citizen. This is one of those cases that most certainly had a good chance of being preventable had we enforced our own immigration laws that are already in place. God forbid we offend anyone though.

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