Updated – Katie Parker in Jail for Sexual Abuse


20-year-old Katie Parker from Mattydale, New York has been arrested and charged with sex abuse after an alleged incident which involved a pair of boys 9 and 12-years-old. She has also been charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

According to the Post-Standard Katie Parker and her husband lived in Syracuse for a while and during that time she invited the two boys who were neighbors into the house. She and her 19-year-old husband allegedly had sex in front of the two children in August as well watched porn with them and then Katie had sexual contact with them later. It was reported to police about a week later.

Thus far Katie is the only one that has been charged but police are trying to locate the husband for questioning to verify her behavior. I have attempted to contact Katie through MySpace in order to get a statement but as of yet have been unsuccessful.


One thing I did find interesting is that her husband has posted several status updates as we all do from time to time (if you are on MySpace or Facebook) and several of them mention stuff like “I love you Katie Marie Parker” etc…but his most recent status update on September 7th is “i love you my girl friend so much”. The Parkers are currently separated. If I were him I would be running like hell.

Updated 10/1/09 – From a couple of sources close to the investigation I spoke with it seems as though the alleged incidents with Katie are true and that she had the two children use sexual devices on her, which is where the sexual contact. It’s also rumored that these aren’t the first children that either of them have had sexual contact with but that the other incidents were covered up.

Updated 10/6/09 – I’ve been informed by an unnamed source that the alleged sexual incident actually took place in 2008, that Scott and Katie were actually separated in August of this year. The parents of the 9-year-old boy took him to the police station sometime last month to report the incident.

Scott Parker reportedly has to appear in court on October 15th, being charged with misdemeanor Endangering the Welfare of a Child.

The are also some unconfirmed allegations of sexual abuse on Scott Parker as well as possibly siblings by their father in the past. I don’t know if the police are investigating those or not but I did forward them to the Syracuse Police Department earlier this evening.

Katie Parker’s Facebook.


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