Kristen Gilliam Was Burning For Scott Keese


34-year-old Kristen Gilliam (MySpace) is a 911 dispatcher in Burnet Texas. As Officer romances go, Kristen’s with one of the Burnet County Sheriff’s Deputies was pretty rocky. Obviously Gilliam has issues with not having a man in her life and when Deputy Scott Keese broke off the relationship back in August she was pretty upset.

Gilliam told one of her friends that she wished something bad would happen because the two of them seemed to always reconcile their differences and get back together when something bad happened. I guess that’s why she tried to burn his house down.

Four people suffered smoke inhalation trying to rescue Keese’s English Bulldog, in which they were successful after giving the dog oxygen.

Gilliam denies having started the fire. She was arrested on an arson charge this past Wednesday and freed on $5,000 bond.

Kristen’s MySpace.


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