Larry Smith Gets Forty Years for Having the Biggest Child Porn Collection in South Carolina


Mighty nice set of man-boobs you have there Larry. 40 years of prison should help slim those down.

Larry Douglas Smith from Walhalla, SC has the dubious distinction of having the largest child porn collection ever discovered in the state. Investigators found 606 videos and 126,000 different pictures showing children in sexual acts when they searched his house last year. If he had been charged for each separate picture as is sometimes done, he could have possibly been sentenced to 1.2 million years in prison. Now that’s a sobering fucking thought.

Larry Smith pleaded guilty in Oconee County court this week to three counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and the judge sentenced him to consecutive 10 year terms on each count.

The other ten years? Oh, that’s where it gets even worse. Smith, a former janitor, also pleaded guilty to molesting a boy starting in 1986 when the child was 11 until 1991. He got another 10 years for criminal sexual conduct with a minor for that.

What kills me is his defense attorney who pleaded for leniency and told the judge his client had a rough life and was “born a little different” Yeah, I would say so.


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