Lawrence Balduf is the 360LB Bandit


Ah for a bit of levity. After researching and reading about the horrible breeders earlier this evening I have just been surfing the web. Despondent. Some things are just too ugly to think about and that last post I put up was one of them.

Luckily I came across this story about 28-year-old Lawrence “Larry” Rodney Balduf and immediately nasty judgmental thoughts came to mind. That and a half a laugh as well.

Just as a point of reference to all budding criminals. There are certain things that you shouldn’t do depending on your physical attributes. For instance, if you are in a wheelchair it’s probably not a good idea to do anything that requires running from the cops. Or in the case of Lawrence, who is 6-foot 3-inches and weighs 360 pounds, perhaps you shouldn’t go around robbing restaurants that you’ve been frequenting recently.


Luckily for the owners of said restaurants, Larry Balduf didn’t bother reading my non-existent manual for robbers and over the last two weeks he’s robbed two different Lake Worth restaurants four times.

According to witnesses and surveillance video Balduf would enter the restaurants with a cloth around his face as a bandana in order to be unrecognizable. A big bandana. A really fucking big bandana. He kept his hand stuck under his jacket or sweatshirt to give the illusion of a gun and demand money.

Balduf was caught this week as Palm Beach County Deputies were patrolling and saw him run out of the restaurant just moments before the robbery was broadcast over the radio. They were able to chase him into an alley and detain him.

Apparently Balduf was stealing the money in order to feed his fast-food drug habit. He’s in the Palm Beach County Jail on $400,000 bond charged with four counts of armed robbery.


Larry Balduf’s MySpace.

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