Luigi Pandolfo Arrested For Kidnapping

33-year-old Luigi Pandolfo of Jersey City was arrested after he allegedly kidnapped a 12-year-old girl, snatching her off of her bicycle in front of his home on Colgate Street around 7:30 Monday evening. Pandolfo took the little girl in the apartment he shares with his mother and locked her in a room along with himself. He was trying to get her pants down but his mother kept banging on the door.

Not being able to satisfy his sick urges with his old mother hammering on his bedroom door Pandolfo took the girl to an empty apartment behind his and handcuffed her there while he went back to finish his argument with his mother.


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While Pandolfo was gone the girl managed to slip out of the handcuffs, climb down the fire escape and ride her bike home to tell her parents.

When officers showed up at Pandolfo’s house they found, among other things, porn and other sexual paraphernalia, handcuffs and a body bag. What sort of weird sexual fetish do you use a frigging body bag for? Ewww…


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