Malika Washington-Buntley Left the Baby


I came across this story over the weekend but since the woman hadn’t been identified to the media at that point I decided to wait and post it until later (which would be now).

26-year-old Malika Washington-Buntley and a friend were shopping in the Food Lion in Augusta, Georgia last week and were in the process of rolling their shopping cart of almost-stolen baby milk out of the grocery store when employees confronted them. The friend took off immediately and after a short delay Washington-Buntley ran as well, leaving her 11-month old baby to hold the bag.

The baby was released to the father there at the grocery store and after their investigation Richmond County deputies arrested Washington-Buntley and charged her with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and deprivation of a minor.

Some people just aren’t meant to have kids…too bad Malika didn’t realize it it prior to having her baby.


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