Mateo Aguilir Got Beat Down


Late last night 22-year-old Mateo Aguilir attempted to assault a woman walking down the road in West Palm Beach, Florida. Aside from the fact that probably she wasn’t too damned smart to be walking alone that late at night because of people like Mateo, she’s really lucky. Mateo Aguilir tried to force himself on the woman, groping her and then trying to bite her.

Three men in the area heard the woman screaming and called 911, then proceeded to her rescue. The three men held Mateo Aguilir until Sheriff’s Deputies arrived. From the looks of things they might have held him down with their boots.

Mateo Aguilir has been lodged in the Palm Beach County Jail on charges of sexual assault and attempted sexual assault. He has no address, which makes me wonder if this piece of crap is a U.S. citizen. He doesn’t currently have any kind of immigration hold so he may just not have provided law enforcement with an address.

Mateo Aguilir’s Booking Blotter.

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