Michael Sesic Got Stabbed and then Busted


23-year-old Michael Duane Sesic was arrested this morning after breaking into a house in Orange County, Florida and attempting to molest a 14-year-old girl.

The girl woke up and felt Sesic trying to pull her pants/pajamas down early this morning and ran into her mother’s bedroom. She told her mother’s boyfriend about the intruder so he got a knife and went to find Sesic who was standing in her room with his pants down. The two of them fought and Sesic ended up getting stabbed in the chest.


Apparently Sesic (who also goes by Sesik) used to date the family’s old babysitter. You can find his MySpace here, at least until he’s convicted again and then maybe someone at MySpace will get around to removing it.

Sesic has an arrest record back to 2000 which include burglary, aggravated assault, petty theft, rape and lewd and lascivious act on a child. He got the last one when he was 13 and raped a four-year-old girl.

It must have been obvious then that Sesic had problems, so why has he been allowed to run around breaking the law for the last nine years? Christ, whatever they charge him with in Florida, he’ll be back out of jail long before he’s thirty and can start molesting children once again.

Michael also fancies himself a poet. This is from his MySpace (myspace.com/peircedmaniac):

This is the dead,
part of my soul.
This is what i dread,
and sometimes feel like a fool.
Just i man in winter,
without any wool.
For he’s cold,
and has been throught the unspeakable.
That’s why for him his soul,
was sold.
To many this is just,
another tale to be told.
Well your wrong,
because this is my living….walking…breathing tears of agony.
For so long,
i’ve walk through demensions,
of my own mind.
In these demensions,
there’s extreme misery and pain.
That in no time it shall,

by:michael d.sesic
Poetry:hell as my wife

I obviously don’t know a hell of a lot about poetry so for once I’ll reserve comment. It does seem as though Michael has some issues he needs to work out though. He also has some spelling issues as well. I’m not the grammar police (far from it) but damn, even I know the rule about I before E except after C.

Michael Sesic’s MySpace

Michael Sesic’s Stickam

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