Nicholas Beeman Busted for Child Porn

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24-year-old Nicholas William Beeman is a pretty lonely guy, at least that’s what his MySpace would lead one to believe. His “About Me” section, written a couple of years ago says “I’m 22, lived in Tampa all of my life, not too many friends over the years, I mainly enjoy hanging out, watching TV, anything with computers, and having fun“. What do you bet he still lives with and mooches off his mom?

Apparently that fun must include swapping child porn.

Nicholas somehow hooked up online with an undercover Boynton Beach, Florida, police detective and ended up sending the cop a bunch of child porn. Then they set up a meet at a Tampa motel so he could give the detective more child porn. The officer informed the State Attorney General’s Tampa Cybercrime Task Force which then took over the investigation.

An undercover officer from Hillsborough County met with Nicholas Beeman, who is unemployed,at the hotel and Beeman allegedly game him a couple of thumb drives full of child pornography, some of it containing pictures of children as young as five years old.

Beeman was arrested last night and charged with Possession of Child Pornography. He’s currently in the Hillsborough County Jail with no bond.

According to Beeman’s MySpace his heroes include “Whoever the fuck gets me some damn weed“.

Fucking useless tool. Probably sits there all night smoking blunts and jerking off to kiddie porn after he gets tired of playing his X-Box.


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