Nikki Johnson Chose a Penis Instead of Her Children

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I am well aware that sometimes men and women living in abusive relationships have a hard time getting out for various reasons but stories like this still get to me.

24-year-old Tye Nicole (Nikki) Johnson and 23-year-old Eddie Everardo Valdez have been dating for a while now. They are both divorced from their respective first spouses and both of them have children. I honestly don’t know if theirs was an abusive relationship physically but I do know that they argued, quite often because of Eddie’s temper and the way that he would discipline the children. As a matter of fact, back in February Johnson left Valdez but pretty soon after they were back together. That incident was brought about because Nikki’s three-year-old Eli son peed on himself and Valdez beat him on the feet with a plastic baseball bat hard enough and long enough to make the little tykes feet swell up. This was during a trip to Texas. She didn’t seek medical attention until they returned home to Oklahoma City.

On several different occasions Eddie left bruises on both of her children as a result of his discipline.

Unfortunately it just gets worse.

Earlier this week Eli peed on himself again and this set off Eddie Valdez. According to a statement he gave to police he became enraged because of the incident and because of the fact that Eli would not mind him.

Valdez slapped Eli on the head, arms and legs several times with his hands and then put the boy on the toilet. When he came back into the bathroom he found little Eli playing on the floor and became so angry that he “blacked out” and can’t remember how many times he hit Eli. Regardless of how many times it was, he punched the three-year-old in the stomach enough times to kill him.

According to both of their statements this was between 1 and 1:30PM on Wednesday. The boy kept getting weaker and weaker throughout the day and then started vomiting until he collapsed. Finally the two took Eli to the hospital around 5:30PM. Four fucking hours they left this little boy to agonize in pain while they did what?

The little boy arrived at the hospital at 5:40PM and doctors pronounced him dead at 6:01PM. Had he arrived four to five hours prior it’s entirely possible that Eli might still be alive. Due to the bruises that covered the child’s body physicians contacted law enforcement.

Valdez has also admitted to beating Eli’s little sister Candra as well. He has been arrested and charged with child abuse and murder and Johnson has been charged with Permitting Child Abuse. Aside from poor little Eli seven children were removed from Nikki Johnson’s house and placed in protective custody.

Fucking breeders.


Probable Cause Affidavit in Valdez’ arrest.

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