Patrick Leithead Arrested For Molesting a Little Girl at Stone Mountain


36-year-old Patrick Paul Leithead from the City of Stone Mountain, Georgia was arrested on September 20th for allegedly molesting a 13-year-old girl at Stone Mountain Park after a Dekalb County Deputy caught him in the act.

Deputy Ruth Stringer was off-duty and happened to be in the park and had gone into the restroom when she noticed a man’s feet sticking out from under a stall door and heard a child in distress. She immediately sensed something was wrong and yelled at the man to come out of there.

In addition to Stringer, off-duty GBI Agent Sara Thomas was also in the area and called 911 after detaining the man when he let the little girl go. She had noticed Leithead hanging around the bathrooms watching the women as they walked by. Watching for a victim…which he found in a 13-year-old as her parents stood outside the bathroom entirely unaware of what was transpiring.

Leithead is currently lodged in the Dekalb County Jail with no bond on charges of aggravated child molestation..


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