Police Search Pond in Haleigh Cummings Case


Reports are coming out of Florida today that police are draining a pond in Palatka, Florida (near Satsuma) in an attempt to look for physical evidence in the Haleigh Cummings investigation.

There have been several reports both confirming and denying that this is even related to the search for Haleigh. Some reports I have seen say that police earlier said they were searching for property missing from a house unrelated to the Cummings investigation but WESH reported that the Sheriff’s Office said it was related to it. Apparently this is a pretty hot ‘party spot’ and police have found at least one thing out there. 100 potted marijuana plants next to the pond (Of course I’ve only seen this posted in one place so it may well be rumor as well, designed to take attention off of Cummings).

The area near the pond is pretty heavily wooded and deputies have had to use bulldozers to widen the road so that the pump trucks could get to it.

The latest statement from the Sheriff I picked up over at the Bald Truth. Here it is:

Sheriff Hardy wants to quell the rumor that Haleigh Cummings body has been recovered.

This information is not correct. The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office has also received numerous calls regarding a search currently being conducted south of Palatka. It has been our position that we will not discuss operations or searches prior to their completion. We have done this to prevent any scene contamination issues that could arise from onlookers. We have determined that due to the widespread false rumor of Haleigh being found, it is best that we address these current events.

The current search is the result of one of the over 4000 tips received in this case. The Putnam County Sheriff’s has received information that there is possible physical evidence in the Haleigh Cummings investigation located in a body of water south of Palatka. The description of the alleged physical evidence will not be released at this time. Divers from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, and Clay County Sheriff’s Office, are conducting underwater searches in this area. In an attempt to assist the divers, the decision has been made to lower the water level in the pond to reduce the search area.

Although coincidental, the recent interviews with Hank Thomas Croslin Jr. and Kristina Prevatt did not provide the information which led to this search.

Neither Sheriff Hardy, nor members of the investigative team, will be participating in formal interviews or providing statements regarding these events. This search is just one of many searches that have been conducted thus far in the investigation.

We appreciate the media for assisting us by keeping Haleigh in the news. This continual coverage has led to many of the tips we have received to date. We do ask that members of the media and public remain out of the area where the current search is taking place. In the event that evidence is recovered, we do not want any issues with possible contamination from onlookers. If anything significant develops as the result of this search, another release will be provided.



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