Robert Higgins Covered Himself in Shit and Jumped in the Neighbors Pool


Occasionally (once or twice a year) I’ll have to throw down and get really toasty. Usually on one of my vacation such as the one I’ll be taking later on in October. It’s a blast but I don’t recommend doing it on a regular basis. After almost 43 years though, I don’t recall ever having gotten drunk enough to pursue the antics that 21-year-old Robert Stark Higgins did.

Higgins, who lives in Stuart, Florida, apparently got so shitfaced that he somehow got covered in shit and jumped into a neighbor’s pool. The owner heard Robert smash through the screen surrounding the pool Saturday night and jump in so he called 911. By the time that police arrived Stark had stolen a towel and fled the scene. Martin County Sheriff’s Deputies tracked him using a K9 unit to a nearby home where the man told them he had been drinking.

He is being held at the Martin County Jail on $10,500 bond.

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