Samantha Medina Called Police Over Stolen Marijuana and Predictable Hilarity Ensues

Samantha Medina

Danielle Fiore

Vincent Brown

17-year-old Samantha Medina was at the Mall of Rockingham Park Saturday after she had agreed to sell a couple of friends who work at the food court some weed. Fiore and Brown thought they should get something for nothing and according to reports after they received the marijuana from Medina slammed the door and refused to pay her for it.

Medina decided in an intelligence-heightening stupor obviously brought on by sampling too much product that she would call the police. She started off by contacting Mall security and when they wouldn’t do anything she called the Salem, Maine Police Department who gladly stepped in.

When officers responded to the call they promptly found the stolen Marijuana with 17-year-old Vincent Brown and 21-year-old Danielle Fiore (MySpace) and locked all three of these stooges up for Possession of a Controlled Drug. They were released pending an arraignment in Salem District Court.

Fiore of course is no stranger to this type of activity. She lived in North Hampton, New Hampshire and back in February she called police to report that her prescription drugs had been stolen in the Walgreen’s parking lot. Come to find out that she had given them away to pay off a debt. Fiore was charged with  providing a false report as well as a probation violation. In March she was charged with driving after having her license suspended/revoked. Looks like this geographical cure didn’t do a whole hell of a lot for Fiore.


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