Scott Taylor Mall Molester Charged in Another Crime


Morbid over at the Dreamin’ Demon did a pretty thorough and thoughtful write-up on this very creepy guy pictured above so I won’t go into everything that he’s already reported, just the gist of it along with a little new information.

46-year-old Scott C. Taylor went into the Macys at North Point Mall, which is north of Atlanta, and spent an extraordinary amount of time hunting and stalking until he found just the right little girl. In this case it was a 9-year-old. He waited until she was a little bit away from her mother and approached her with a dress, telling her that she was about his daughter’s size and wanting her to hold the dress up to herself. As she did that he would fondle her over her clothes. Then he took off like a bat out of hell.

The little girl told her mother who in turn called the police. Turns out that a similar occurrence happened at the Mall of Georgia which is east of North Point Mall. Using surveillance video they determined that it was the same person and the pictures were released to the media on August 14th.

Anyway, Taylor ended up being brought to the police by his brother-in-law who had apparently talked Taylor into doing the right thing. Taylor admitted that it was him in the video and he was charged in Fulton County at the end of August on molestation charges.

Flash forward to now and Gwinnett County Police have gotten around to charging Taylor with molesting a child. Police are still looking at surveillance video and asking anyone that may have come in contact with Taylor to come forward as they are pretty sure that these aren’t the only two incidences involving Scott Taylor particularly considering the fact that he was arrested on a similar charge in Florida four years ago according to WSB.


Back in 2005 Scott was arrested in Osceola County after he was accused of intentionally touching a 13-year-old’s breast when he approached her inside the Wal-Mart in Kissimmee. Taylor allegedly took off out of the store and hid in the woods but he was found and detained by a Wal-Mart Loss Prevention Officer until police could arrive. He was arrested on a charge of lewd and lascivious molestation of a minor. It ended up going to a jury trial and Scott was found Not Guilty which would mean that most likely this will not be able to be used in court concerning these charges.


2005 WKMG Orlando story about Scott Taylor.

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