Shawne Merriman Arrested for Assaulting Tila Tequila


I don’t do a whole lot of celebrity crime here. There are plenty of sites that do but the more I have heard this story over the last 24 hours the more I got to thinking about how stupid trailer trash drama isn’t just limited to stupid trailer trash. Or maybe it shoes that occasionally, however rare it may be, trailer trash can occasionally be upwardly mobile. Hell, just look at Britney Spears for proof of that.

Early Sunday morning San Diego County Sheriff’s Deputies got a call that a woman had reported being choked and restrained by a male. When deputies arrived at the residence the woman told them she was Tila Nguyen (Tila Tequila) and that Shawne Merriman, San Diego Chargers’ linebacker, had been choked and restrained when she tried to leave his house. Merriman was arrested and taken into custody on suspicion of battery and false imprisonment. He bonded out around 11 A.M. yesterday morning.

Merriman’s attorney (of course) claims that Nguyen was stupid and drunk and that Merriman had tried to make arrangements for her to leave the house and that at no time did he assault her. The attorney, Todd Macaluso, also says that there were plenty of witnesses who will back up Merriman’s story.

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