Updated – Shooting in Haralson County

I don’t have very much info on this yet, just a bit that I picked up off the scanner yesterday after I got home from work.

Three people were shot and one of them has now died as a result of the shooting, which began after a woman and her husband went to her ex-husband’s mobile home just outside of Draketown to pick up child support.

I’ll be working Haralson County today, maybe one of the deputies will come in and I can get some more information. I’ll try and update more on this case this evening.

Update – There is a bit more information now. The people involved are Denise and Tony Watkins. They had apparently gone to 33-year-old Shane Brown’s trailer to pick up a child support payment. There was some sort of altercation. Shane Brown allegedly came out of the trailer with a shotgun and killed Tony Watkins with it. Denise Watkins also received minor injuries.

When Haralson County Deputy Jim Beck showed up at the house he heard additional shots and when Brown was found it looked as if he had shot himself in the jaw, possibly in an attempt to commit suicide. Brown was flown to Grady Hospital where he had surgery last night.


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