Updated – The Edenfield Family Molests Together

david edenfield

The trial of David Edenfield, one of three people charged in the ugly rape and murder of six-year-old Christopher Barrios in 2007, has begun and testimony is under way. During questioning Edenfield admitted in a taped statement that he helped his son, David Edenfield, kill the boy.

george edenfield

Back in 2007 the Edenfields, David and George, kidnapped and took turns sexually molesting the six-year-old while David’s wife Peggy watched and masturbated. George was already on probation for two counts of child molestation at the time. They then choked the little boy to death, leaving him inside a trash bag beside the road.

Back in 2008 lawyers for David Edenfield tried to get the case dropped when they claimed that the Grand Jury who returned the indictment was not ‘diverse enough’ because there were not enough Latinos represented in the Grand Jury.

peggy edenfield

According to a report I read last year Peggy Edenfield has reached and agreement with prosecutors to testify against her husband and son in exchange for a possible life sentence.

Hopefully all three of these sick fucking hillbilly bastards will all be convicted and die an excruciatingly painful death.


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