Ty-Shawn Bost Washed the Kitty


It’s one thing being a common petty criminal and robbing someone of their hard-earned stuff but it’s quite another to kill someone or something in the process.

19-year-old Ty-Shawn Eric Bost of Highland Park, Florida broke into a house Monday and stole a laptop, a Wii and some cash they had around the house. Oh yeah, and he stuck the family cat in the washing machine and turned it on, killing the poor thing in the process.

The homeowners returned home late Monday night to discover the house ransacked and eventually found the cat dead in their front-loading washing machine. Not only did Bost throw the cat in, he had to go through the effort of throwing wet clothes out of it first.

When he confessed to the crime Bost allegedly said he did it because the cat was bothering him. Fucking douchebag. Here’s to hoping he doesn’t breed. You know how bothersome children can be at times…

Police are reporting that they think more than one person was involved as several other neighborhood homes have also been broken into. Bost has been charged with home invasion and killing or torturing an animal. He’s due to be arraigned in court tomorrow.


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