Velma Brewster Dropped a Bomb


51-year-old Velma Gladys Brewster (MySpace 1 and 2) seen above in this 21-year-old booking photo from the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office obviously has some issues she needs to get a handle on.

It started out earlier this week. Velma tried to visit her grandchildren at the Windcrest Elementary School during the school day but like most schools parents have to fill out a bunch of paperwork at the beginning of each year listing the folks that are allowed to visit their children and/or pick them up from school. Velma Brewster isn’t on the list and she apparently wasn’t very happy about that. As a matter of fact she was so unhappy that she caused a scene at the school, enough of one that the principal called the police who issued a criminal trespassing warrant. Basically that’s just a piece of paper that says that you aren’t allowed on a specific piece of property and if you come back you’ll be arrested. I’ve had to take out quite a few in my time unfortunately.

Not being satisfied to have law enforcement run her ass off the property Velma allegedly called in a bomb threat to the school on Wednesday night after she got home. She left it on the voice mail and when the staff arrived the next morning that’s what they hear. The school evacuated 763 people and the Windcrest and North East Independent School District Police investigated. The San Antonio police also assisted in the search for the bomb, which was never there.

The good news is that administrators recognized the voice on the message as they same woman they had thrown off the property the day before and informed law enforcement of that. Velma Gladys Brewster was arrested the same day and released on $10,000 bond after being charged with a felony, making terroristic threats.

I can’t find the link now but from what I understand Brewster is wanted again on the same charge because she also mailed in a bomb threat the same day, which the school has received since her release.

The booking photo above is from her arrest in 1988 for welfare fraud.


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