Vickie Gambrell Beat Clerk Over $20


53-year-old Vickie Gambrell of Claymont, Delaware stopped for gas at the Country Farms gas station on West Newport Pike to get gas. Since she was paying in cash she had to go inside first. Gambrell gave the clerk $1 and asked for $20 in gas. When the clerk balked and said he couldn’t give her $20 in gas because she hadn’t given him $20 she really got pissed.

Gambrell was certain that she had given the guy $20 and told him she had given him the money. Then she started screaming at him because he refused to give her $20 back. According to Gambrell “I thought he was trying to take my $20 bill and I wanted my change back. He said ‘I didn’t have it’ and he looked like he was lying so I just got mad and flew off the handle”.

She did more than just fly off the handle. She jumped over the counter and kicked the clerk, grabbed a pair of scissors and held them to the clerk’s throat. Fearing for his life he gave her two ten dollar bills out of the cash register and called the police after she left.

So she gets in her car and drives away. That’s when Gambrell noticed that the twenty dollars was still in her purse. Gambrell turned around to apologize and take the money back. She got back to the store prior to police who arrived shortly. When she got back in she put the two tens back on the counter and said she’d made a little mistake. When Delaware State Troopers arrived that arrested Gambrell and charged her with possesion of a deadly weapon during the commission of a felony as well as aggravated menacing and offensive touching. She was held briefly on $8,500 bond.


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