Hookstown, PA – Wyatt Thomas Smitsky is a little four-year-old boy from Beaver County Pennsylvania. He was last seen alive playing outside of his home in Greene Township yesterday evening around 6:30. Police were called last night after he disappeared and police and neighbors have been frantically searching for him since then. They stopped around 3AM this morning and then continued the search around 10AM. Wyatt had a congenital heart defect and it’s important that he receive the medication that he was on.

Rescue workers found the body of Wyatt shortly after lunch today in a neighbor’s septic tank. The tank had been tampered with in some way, which is what led them to look there in the first place.

Wyatt’s father 27-year-old John Smitsky Jr was taken into custody and questioned for several hours but he has now been released. An autopsy is supposed to be performed on Sunday. Law enforcement have apparently looked at this as more than just a missing child case since the beginning of the search when the parents were questioned. They are treating this as a homicide and even the attorney for the Smitskys believes that John Jr is a suspect.

Earlier today (Tuesday) Wyatt’s siblings were removed from the home as per court order and if the comment that was left earlier today was a true picture of what was going on in the home, that’s a damn good thing.


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