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  • Uncategorized 29.10.2009

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    The guy with the smirk pictured above is 22-Year-Old Scott Allen Elder, a rapper from the Savannah, GA area. I guess Scotty didn’t think he had enough ‘street cred’ or some such shit because now he’s shot 24-year-old Brian Mastison, who is in serious condition at Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah, over a series of text messages.

    Elder and Mastison had argued over several phone calls and text messages after a wrong number. I don’t know who called the wrong number first but the two guys eventually arranged to meet in a CVS parking lot across from Bartlett Middle School to settle it once and for all. Elder shot Mastison several times in the upper part of his body.

    Scott Elder was arrested at his home after the shooting Tuesday morning on charges of Felony Assault and is in the Chatham County Jail. He has been arrested in Chatham County at least twice prior to this but I don’t have the details of those arrests.

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    3 Comments to "Scott Elder is Just Another Thug"

    • Random Person says:

      Enjoy prison and the butt sex that goes with it big guy. Looking at your myspace pics, it would seem that you are the type that wont be able to defend yourself from the big guys. Nice Paris Hilton pose bye the way. Bet they are looking forward to you’re arrival in general population. Oh, bye the way, while you are gone i will take care of your girl. Im sure if she has even a little more brains then you she has already dropped you.

    • Richard says:

      Damn, but I needed a good laugh. Thanks!

    • oyceca says:

      You motherfuckers dont know shit bout any part of this story. Go fucking shoot yourselves! Ho ass niggas

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