Darren Daniels Needed a Smoke So Bad He Could've Strangled a Rat


Oh. Wait, he actually did…

Having smoked for the last 30 years I can tell you that it’s a real bitch when you are out and need a smoke. Nicotine is supposed to be one of the worst drugs you can be addicted to and I believe it. As many times as I’ve quit I can also tell you that withdrawals are even worse. It’s a craving that just doesn’t stop and the more you think about it the worse it is. That having been said, I don’t think I’ve ever entertained the thought of killing anything (for very long) when I am out of smokes. I can’t say the same for 22-year-old Darren Douglas Daniels though.

Darren apparently ran out of smokes this past Wednesday night/Thursday morning and started arguing with his wife over who had the last smoke. He got so angry that the picked up their pet white rat, smashed it’s head and then choked it to death just to make sure. He also assaulted his wife, 20-year-old Kaela Daniels. His wife was so scared that she ran from the home and hid outside for an hour.

I guess Daniels decided that leaving was the best thing so he took off from their apartment, driving recklessly. When Volusia County Deputies tried to pull him over he refused. They finally used Stop Sticks to flatten his tires and make him stop.

Daniels is currently lodged in the Volusia County Florida Jail on charges of Battery and Fleeing and Eluding on $3,000 bond.


Darren’s MySpace.

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