David McBurnett Beat His Girlfriend's Son to Death


19-year-old David McBurnett Jr. (MySpace) beat his 19-year-old girlfriend Breanna Underwood’s (MySpace 1, 2 and 3) son one-year-old Hunter Morris for months leaving the little boy with bruises, broken bones and almost brain dead.

According to police McBurnett hit the child many times on his hands and feet with a remote control because the little boy wouldn’t stop crying, he hit him with a sandal as well as his hands, and would grab the boy’s face and squeeze him.

Back in early September Underwood and McBurnett, both of whom lived with McBurnett’s mother because he was an unemployed piece of shit, took Hunter to the hospital with internal bleeding, fractured ribs and bruises on his head that doctors say most likely left the boy brain dead. McBurnett was arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse on September 11th, about a week after the little boy had been admitted to the hospital. Hunter died on September 12th and a murder charge was then added.

Police aren’t charging Underwood, stating that just because she saw the crime doesn’t mean that it was a criminal offense. That’s fucking bullshit as far as I am concerned. The very first time that he smacked the kid with his fucking shoe should have been the clue to get the hell out of there and take her son someplace safe. I understand being young and confused but valuing a place to live and a penis in your life more than a child is a crime in itself.


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